Platinum Pre

Pre-workout energy

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  • Delays the onset of fatigue and improve concentration
  • 160mg Caffeine per serving
  • Encapsulated Capsicum providing metabolic support
  • Enjoy 30-60 mins pre-workout.
160mg Caffeine1.6g Beta alanine1.25g Leucine

Product description


Platinum Pre-


Having the right nutrient delivery before exercise is essential to make sure your body is primed and ready to perform. Platinum Pre- is a much anticipated new launch from Optimum Nutrition that delivers scientifically proven ingredients before exercise that improve physical performance, delay the onset of fatigue and improve concentration.


  • Caffeine – 160 mg per serving.
  • Beta alanine – 1.6 g per serving.


What benefit does Platinum Pre- have for my performance?

The benefits that Platinum Pre- provides to your workout are based on the unique blend of scientifically proven ingredients it contains to include: Caffeine, Beta-Alanine, L-arginine, Capsicum Extract and Leucine.

Caffeine is one of the most researched nutritional ingredients and Platinum Pre- provides 160mg of caffeine per serving. Caffeine is able to target your muscles and brain to help get you through those tough workouts. Typically the benefits of caffeine are observed when it is consumed in one single dose 30-60 minutes before exercise. However the benefits to performance are mostly observed when doses around 1-2 mg / kg of body weight are consumed. In other words, an 80 kg athlete needs a caffeine dose of 80-160 mg before exercise. This is why Platinum Pre- is highly effective at supporting your performance goals as it delivers a high caffeine dose before exercise.


Beta-Alanine is also found in Platinum Pre-. During short duration, high intensity exercise your muscles produce a large amount of lactic acid which is known to alter the acidity of your muscle which is responsible for developing fatigue. Beta-alanine helps produce carnosine found in the skeletal muscle which is responsible for buffering the effects of lactic acid during exercise. Thanks to the delivery of 1.6 g of beta-alanine before exercise, Platinum Pre- is therefore ideal for those of you who exercise regularly at a high intensity and want to make every workout count.


When is the best time to enjoy my drink?

Platinum Pre- is perfect for those who want to get the most out of each and every workout. Mix up with water in your ON Shaker approximately 30-60 minutes before exercise. It is ideal for use early in the morning when it may be difficult to have a productive workout, but can also be used later in the day, especially for those tough workouts. However due to the caffeine content in Platinum Pre-, it’s recommended not to consume the product too close to bed to avoid disturbing sleep quality.

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Mr. Tom Larking
I had been looking for a decent pre workout after using craze, I'm glad i gave this a go, the raspberry lemonade flavour is amazing ! it mixes so well and i never get any sitting at the bottom of my shaker, i use 1.5 scoops which gets me through my workouts and 2 scoops on leg days and does the job fine. Reading reviews on other sites about the peppery after taste it really isn't bad at all. I normally take Amino Chewables with this as well and its a great stack together
Mr. Bryn Ray
Can't get enough!

Read my full review here:
Mr. Alex Dunn
One of the best Pre-Workouts! Does actually work aswell, gives you a proper push! Would defo recommend!!

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