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If you're a nutrition-savvy athlete, you’re already well aware of the benefits staged proteins and slow-burning carbohydrates provide. The protein primes muscles for rebuilding after the breakdown of training or competition, and the carbohydrates fuel your efforts. Optimum Nutrition’s Wholly Oats bars offer a delicious alternative to a bowl of oatmeal and protein shake – an alternative that can easily be taken along to the gym, the competition or wherever your busy day takes you. It makes a great between meals snack too.

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Mr. Richard Brannen
Slight disappointed by these. I read some reviews on some forums, and most people gave them really good reviews.

- Good amount of protein per bar, and generally pretty good on all other nutritious aspects.
-Packaging etc was all top class, as with all other ON stuff I've used.
- Really filling

- I found them really chewy and you need water to eat these.
- They are pretty bland in flavour. After reading the reviews, I was expecting them to taste quite like peanut butter, but all flavours are really really subtle.

I'm personally going to stick to my ON shakes instead.

Wholly Oats! Bar

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