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Gold Standard Personal Trainer of the Year

The winners of the nation’s first Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Awards have now been chosen by a panel of the UK’s fitness industry leaders. Optimum Nutrition is now pleased to announce the winners across the four categories:

- Personal Trainer: Robert Stevenson(Type 1 Fitness)
- Instructor: Janine George
- PT Team: Locker 27
- Nutritionist: Emilia Thompson

To find out more about our Gold Standard winners check out their profiles below.


  • Personal Trainer

Robert Stevenson

PERSONAL TRAINER: Robert Stevenson 
Twitter: @Type1_Fitness
Instagram: robert_stevenson_t1f
About Robert:
Robert is a Personal Trainer with an established business in Annalong, Northern Ireland. He specialises  in 1-on-1 personal training and group training catering to sports groups, youth development, adults and  older adults. He continues to grow within the industry through ongoing education and training.

  • Group Fitness Instructor

Janine George

INSTRUCTOR: Janine George 
Twitter:  @Janine_George
Instagram: missjaninegeorg
About Janine
Janine is a group fitness instructor at the This Space London where she leads Metaburn a high- intensity metabolic conditioning workout, where her classes are always full of high energy and determination for men and women.

  • Personal Trainer Team

Locker 27

TEAM: Locker 27
Instagram: locker27uk
Twitter:  @locker27
About Locker 27
Locker 27 is a strength and conditioning gym located in Weybridge,  Surrey, providing a very  different training experience compared to a  commercial gym. They are a performance gym  focussing on the  individual, the young athlete, fitness enthusiast or athlete.

  • Sports & Exercise Nutritionist

Emilia Thompson

NUTRITIONIST: Emilia Thompson 
Twitter: emiliat86
Instagram:  emiliat86
About Emilia
Emilia is a registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, Sports Nutrition  lecturer with a BSc, MSc and PhD, and IFBB bikini competitor. She works with a of recreational and  elite athletes. In addition, she works with bodybuilding competitors and non-competitive clients to  improve body composition and food relationships. Through her profession, she aims to improve health,  performance and body composition. She believe that supplements play a vital role in nutrition for  exercise and performance.


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