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Building and Bulking Tips

Building and Bulking Tips
By Team ON 2 years ago 5760 Views 1 comment

Team ON athlete Leon Williams talks all things bulking.

  • Learn to allow the process to take shape, you’ve been dieting for months and you become used to seeing lines and definition. You have to accept that when you starting a gaining phase (whether it be lean mass or an all-out surplus bulk) you will start to lose that "sharpness". Stay strong and think long term. The gains you are making we will bring a much more improved and bigger physique when you diet again.
  • Don’t force feed, have a plan. I’m advocate of the IIFYM approach but don’t just binge eat, maintain control.
  • Crank up your training. Food intake is high meaning your energy should be too. Take your lifting to new levels of intensity and increase that weight. This will be the season of personal bests!

Anthony Edwin 2 years ago at 23:23
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I will be doing a blog plus videos to show my progress using your great products and feel this would be a great opportunity / case study to showcase the brand that other haven't done yet.
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