Gold Standard Zone Pre Post Pack - LIMITED EDITION

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  • Get in the Gold Standard Zone with our Pre and Post pack
  • 2 lb Gold Standard 100% Whey, for after training repair.
  • Trial size pack of Gold Standard Pre-workout, to unleash energy & focus before training
  • FREE all in one Gold Standard Zone shaker

Product description


From runners to rugby players and tennis players to triathletes, whenever any type of athlete trains or competes, their muscles need preparing and repairing to put them in the best shape next time out.

To continue performing at your best your body needs to be in the best condition – for top athlete that’s called the Gold Standard Zone. Our Gold Standard range helps your body prepare, compete and recover more efficiently, meaning you can perform consistently at your highest level.

Unleash power, focus, and performance before every workout with our Gold Standard Pre-Workout. This formula provides you with the essential ingredients to reach for the Gold Standard Zone including 175 mg of caffeine from natural sources to help increase alertness and focus in the gym. Gold Standard Pre-Workout is made with premium ingredients including creatine for power & performance and vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 and B12 which all contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism.

Optimum Nutrition’s GOLD STANDARD 100% WHEYTM is delivers 24 g of whey protein to support muscle growth. After training, your body uses protein to help repair and rebuild muscle fibres.

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Passionate, dedicated and determined athletes that are prepared for every workout choose the World’s No.1 selling protein powder. They value quality, consistency and a brand they can trust to provide them with a high standard product to fuel their diet, exercise & performance

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nutritional information

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